Holistic Swedish Body Massage

Uses various combinations of Swedish massage movements with the application of pressure to either soothe or stimulate the whole body.  Taking the body as a “whole” dealing with the mind, body and spirit.  Through the healing power of relaxation and gentle touch, this aims to relieve and calm the mental and physical over exertion of the body, intending to rebalance the body to achieve homeostasis.

It is especially helpful for:

  • Promoting suppleness of the muscles, improves circulation and reduces stress
  • Relieves tired and stiff joints
  • Improves the tone of the skin, colour and elasticity
  • Reduces swelling by encouraging better lymph drainage
  • Encourages better digestion and waste removal
  • Encourages deeper breathing therefore more efficient and relaxed
  • Improves the immune system and overall condition of the body
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Aids with emotional issues such as; depression, panic attacks and anxiety
  • Eases insomnia