Sports & Event Massage

Sports Pre-Event

This is a specific treatment given to players on the day of their event usually 30 – 60 minutes before activity.  It is a short treatment to increase circulation, flexibility and improve overall performance.  It can also be used to gauge an athlete’s condition and needs prior to the sporting event.

N.B Pre-Event Massage does not replace a warm-up, it complements it.


Sports Post-Event

Recovery is key to any sports persons regime and is the primary goal for a post-event massage.  Your therapist will aim to relax the muscles, soothe the nerve endings, remove waste product build-up, and restore flexibility to the muscles.  This is also the first time you are assessed for any potential injuries or medical conditions that can be identified and treated promptly.

Match Package also includes:

  • On side pitch First Aider
  • Kinesio Tex Taping
  • Standard Sports Strapping
  • Pre Massage
  • Post Massage – Aiding recovery
  • Injury Treatment and Prevention advice


Photo for Spoarts Massage